Corporate Event Photography

To complement our catering service, we have a team of professional corporate event photographers to capture the perfect moments before, during and after the event.


There are two types of Corporate Event Photography:-


a) Event Photography

Taking pictures of employees and guests in corporate events such as conferences, birthday parties, Christmas parties, annual dinner, sales events and others.


b) Portrait Photography 

Taking formal pictures of employees for websites, magazines, and other various publications.


Most of the time, our guests request for Event Photography. However we do also Portrait Photography on request. All our photographers are well equipped with the best camera, best lenses, and other tools especially when working in low-light environments. Our peoples are well versed in proxemics, lighting, angles management, color separation and etc.


The “pre-clicking process” includes:-


  • Careful planning through effective communication with clients


The “post-clicking process” includes:-


  • Digital retouching and Digital asset management


We believe that if we can offer more to our clients, there will be less hassles for our clients as well as higher efficiency level of services provided.

Email us at about the number of hours required, number of photographers, event purpose and other relevant information so that we can best quote you the package available.