High Tea Buffet

High Tea Buffet is probably one of the most relaxing and refreshing types of meal in Malaysia.
Malaysians living in urban locations love strong teas especially mixed with sugar and milk. It is suitable for:-


  • Tea Meal in the morning – Lighter meal compared to the usual breakfast
  • Afternoon Tea Meal – Serve hours after lunch, probably from Three (3pm) to Five (5pm) in the afternoon.
  • High Tea Meal – Serve between Five (5pm) to Seven (7pm) in the evening. Usually it comes before the main dinner.


high tea



The benefits of having tea:-

White tea - Contains cancer fighting anti-oxidants, cooling and detoxifying anti ageing, anti stress properties.
It also contains high L-theanine content that promotes alertness .


Green tea – Highest content of cancer fighting anti-oxidants Antiseptic and anti viral effects. Fights degenerative
disease and supports immune function. Strengthens tooth enamel, potent source of vitamins and minerals. Effective for weight loss and slimming.


Oolong tea – Lowers cholesterol and blood sugar, contain high anti-oxidant content, strengthens tooth enamel
and fights bad breath. Effective for weight loss, potent source of vitamins and minerals.


Black tea – Promotes heart health, helps prevent plaque build up in arteries, increases bone density, promotes
oral health, fights bad breath


Pu-erh tea – Perhaps the most effective tea for slimming and increasing metabolism. Helps metabolize fatty
acids and oily foods, reduces cholesterol and blood sugar levels, cleansing and detoxifying to the blood stream.


Other general benefits – Promotes mental clarity, stimulates neural activity, provides even, sustained energy,
lower caffeine than coffee. Strengthens immune system, cleansing, and detoxifying.






Coffee or Tea ? Order your High Tea Buffet for your event.