Wedding Buffet Dinner

Choosing your Wedding Buffet Dinner Set


Getting the right wedding buffet catering package is so important as it is once in a lifetime event for the couple as well as for the family members and relatives. A properly coordinated event will prevent any embarrassment during the event. We have the right team of event planners to make sure everything is well coordinated and run smoothly.

We have the service for

  • canopy rentals,
  • theme decoration,
  • tables and chairs rental
  • event coordinator
  • PA system
  • etc


to make sure your wedding buffet dinner or lunch a successful one in a lifetime experience.



wedding buffet dinner



What do we offer?

Most couples would want to feel relax during their wedding day. We assure you that we have the right expertise to make sure your event is properly coordinated. Wedding buffet dinner packages can be very important for newly-wed couples and their guests, so our catering services ensure you to have a hassle-free, excellent and satisfying service.


We use the finest quality of ingredients to produce our food. We know the food represents us, thus we guarantee that only great food is served on table.

Your guests often look for food varieties. We have lists of canapes choices for you to choose from. Our R&D team is always coming out with new creative and yet delicious canapes.

Buffet can give you headache about never-ending lines to the buffet tables. Our buffet personnel will make sure that all guests have sufficient food and never run out of food to be served. Our experience also makes us an expert in ensuring that all guests are satisfied with the amount of food served.

There are many miscellaneous items to be considered during wedding dinner. We offer one stop service for Canopy rental, tables, chairs, and other decorations upon request. We also do have event management services making us your ONE-STOP wedding event provider.